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This 2-page quick guide teaches you about sugary beverages, and helps you choose a more mindful alternative.


This quick guide includes:

  • Examples of beverages high in sugar
  • A quick explanation of why you may want to limit the sugary beverages you drink
  • Where to find the amount of sugar in a drink
  • The truth on juice--is it really heathy?
  • Good times to drink a sports drink
  • The truth on protein drinks--are they really healthy?
  • Examples of alternative drinks and swaps that are just as delicious
  • How to make water taste better
  • The truth on diet soda--is it really heathy?
  • Colorful, fun design


This quick guide is for you if:

  • You are in the gentle nutrition stage on your intuitive eating journey
  • You wonder whether your daily drink is healthy
  • You can't stop drinking soda
  • You hate the taste of water
  • You want some lower-sugar drink ideas that can be incorporated mindfully
  • You're busy and often drink energy drinks or coffee drinks to keep you going


This guide is perfect for keeping at your desk, hanging on your fridge, or even storing in your car's glove box. Use it whenever you feel the urge to drink something sweet, to choose a more mindful beverage!

Quick Sugary Beverages Guide

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