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This 1-page downloadable PDF quick guide shows you how to use mindfulness when choosing and eating a snack.


This quick guide includes:

  • An easy-to-remember acronym, created by McKenzie, to help you choose a balanced snack to keep you full and focused until next meal time
  • Tips to savor that snack to increase enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Quick education on the importance of snacks
  • A few examples of balanced snacks
  • A few examples of non-food activities to distract you from/soothe uncomfortable emotions
  • An encouraging message about intuitive eating taking time to learn
  • Non-diet, inclusive verbiage
  • Colorful, fun design


This quick guide is for you if:

  • You need new snack ideas
  • You wonder whether snacking is healthy
  • You can't stop snacking
  • You struggle with emotional eating
  • You've just started learning about intuitive eating
  • You're well on your intuitive eating journey, but need help with snacks
  • You're busy and often eat on-the-go
  • You often need a coffee or energy drink at 3:00pm


This guide is perfect for keeping on your phone/desktop for convenient reference, or for printing and keeping at your desk, hanging on your fridge, or even storing in your car's glove box. Use it whenever you feel the urge to snack, to create a balanced bite of energy to help you through the rest of your day!

Quick Mindful Snacks Guide

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